Thank you for celebrating with us!  To many of our attendees each year, the St. Joan of Arc French Market is all about the food!

2016 St. Joan of Arc
French Market Menu (based on $1.00 tickets)




Escargot en Croute (3 each) 5 tickets
Moules (Mussels)   5 tickets
Plate of Assorted Bread, Cheese & Fruit 7 tickets
Oysters Rockefeller or Oysters Flambé (2 each) 5 tickets
Tarte Flambé Gratinee  7 tickets
Stuffed Mushrooms (4 each) 5 tickets
Pommes Frites  4 tickets


Ratatouille with Bread & Basil Butter  5 tickets
Shrimp Bisque   6 tickets


Seafood Crepes (2 each) with grapes, bread & basil butter   8 tickets
Quiche & Fruit  6 tickets
Quarter Rotisserie Chicken with bread & basil butter    7 tickets
Boeuf Bourguignon with pasta, bread & basil butter    9 tickets
BBQ Ribs or Rib Tips  7 tickets
Crawfish Etouffee with rice, bread & basil butter    9 tickets
Crab Cakes (3 each) on a bed of lettuce, with sauce  12 tickets


French Dip Roast Beef  7 tickets
Provencal Chicken  7 tickets


Beignets (3 each) 5 tickets
Cream Puff or Chocolate Éclair  4 tickets
Madeleine cookies  3 for 3 tickets
Cheesecake or Layer Cake slice 4 tickets
Chocolate Mousse  4 tickets


Soft Drinks or Bottled Water    2 tickets
Hot Coffee (regular, decaf or Starbucks)  1 ticket
Cafe du Monde  3 tickets
Iced tea, 16 oz. sweetened and unsweetened   2 tickets
Iced Tea, Fleur de Lis, 16 oz.  3 tickets

Water, 23 oz. bottle with cup of ice, 2 tickets

Premium Beer  6 tickets
House Beer  5 tickets
Wine 5 tickets
Wine by the Bottle  20 tickets