Middle School

Middle school students at SJA have a very exciting schedule. Each student participates in the following classes:

  • Religion
  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Math and/or Algebra
  • Science
  • Social Studies/History
  • Spanish
  • Music (Band or Choir, Music Tech and Drama)
  • Technology
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Art.

Integrated into these classes is our L.I.S program. L.I.S stands for Leadership, Integrity and Service, the foundations of the belief that SJA is helping to transform our students into young leaders!

Each grade level focuses on a different theme each year, beginning in sixth grade. As the students move through the program they are learning and using skills that better prepare them for the next grade and create a foundation of emotional intelligence that prepares them for high school, college and beyond.

Leadership · 6th Grade

Students in 6th grade participate in the Peace Learning Center leadership program and are exposed to leadership opportunities through out the year. They begin to use the  middle school planner that ties in to the book  7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. They participate in classroom retreats and identify and speak with leaders in our community.

Service · 7th Grade

All middle school students at SJA have a service requirement, but the 7th grade’s primary focus is service. Students participate in service within their immediate community, to the local community to the international community. Students plan and organize an all school service project and participate in projects at the group and individual level. They learn where and why service is needed and see the personal rewards of helping others.

Integrity · 8th Grade

8th graders attend an overnight retreat early in their 8th grade year. This sets the tone for their role as 8th graders in our school and helps re-affirm their bond as a class. They also participate in a 3 day workshop on the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. 8th graders partner in a variety of ways with our younger students, including sitting with them at mass, mentoring them in Spanish, and helping out with Fun and Wellness activities.

We host a high school preview night, and students also shadow at  several high schools to expose them and their families to the choices that lie ahead.  Last year, our 13 graduating 8th graders were awarded more than $70,000 in high school scholarships.