St. Joan of Arts

St. Joan of Arts


St. Joan of Arc offers a strong fine arts program at all grade levels. Beginning in Kindergarten, all students attend art and music two times a week, or once a week for an extended period.

Students are given the opportunity to learn about the arts through technical skill development, technology, field trips, resident artists and musicians and through performance.


Art Shows

Every student at SJA will have art work on display at 2 art exhibits per year. The first art exhibit is our Special Person’s Day art show. Family friends and grandparents, aunts and uncles are invited to attend a special mass and then enjoy refreshments and art in Doyle Hall.

Students will also have art work on display in our end of the year, Cultural Arts Celebration. Each year a different country is studied and integrated into all subject areas and then celebrated with a show in May. Students are exposed to other cultures food, geography, history, art, music and dance. Art work and musical performances revolve around this theme.

SJA students are also exposed to art shows out side the school, including coffee house shows at Hubbard and Cravens Coffee House and at Starbucks. Student art can also be displayed at the State House, Children’s Museum and local businesses.

 Fine Arts


Performing Arts

At St. Joan of Arc students are exposed early to the performing arts. All students will sing, dance, act or play a musical instrument in a show as early as TK. Performing Arts are essential in developing students self-confidence and social relationship skills.

Beginning in TK and Kindergarten, students learn to establish the beat and develop rhythmic skills. In 1st and 2nd grade students begin reading music using notes and other symbols. 3rd and 4th grade will begin writing and creating music music using solfege syllables and rhythmic notation. 5th grade will focus on creating. They will be using the skills they have developed over the year to write a song to perform. In middle school students either choose band or choir. In these ensembles musical skills and techniques are taught.