Service is a Way of Life at SJOA

God has blessed us with abundant Sunshine the last couple of days along with the fruitful rains and crisp, cold temperatures. What a gift!  When you have a chance, take your children out for a brisk walk-even just 10 minutes in the beautiful fresh air!  Pray with your children daily and watch them grow in God’s love.  Know that I pray for each of you every day.

We will begin another Food Drive on January 25 as we kick off our celebration of Catholic Schools Week.  Please take time to talk with your child and share with them your thoughts and gratitude for the gift of Catholic Education in your life and in theirs. This is a great way to share how blessed we are!  Stay tuned for more information about Catholic Schools Week.

We will have Service Opportunities once a month at Holy Family Food Bank located in Fountain Square beginning in the Spring we will have Service Opportunities at Foodlink Food Bank once a month beginning this Saturday from 9am-Noon. Please watch your email for more information to come soon including dates and times.  Thank You!

It won’t be long and we will begin preparing for the Season of Lent. Ash Wednesday is the second Wednesday in February and Easter is the last Sunday of March.  Our Lenten Prayers and Reflections will begin soon!

We’ve got some great photos of Kids helping others and synergizing to spread the Gospel Message to the People of God as we serve their needs.  Keep watching for your picture to appear soon!

Wishing you all many blessings and great joy this beautiful season of Winter as we watch and wait for the seeds of new life to take root and begin to appear as Spring approaches!